Hermanas Martorell


Kary and Chus are two sisters from Barcelona. Kary is four years older than Chus. Chus left Barcelona several years ago to live in Costa Rica. She visits Kary every year for three or four weeks. These two sisters were very different when they were young, but the older they get the more they look alike. It’s as if ageing with the absence of one another makes their bodies want to compensate this absence so that when they look at themselves in the mirror they recognise a part of the sister that is far away. This series of pictures depicting the daily tasks of the sisters represents sisterhood and the strong link that can exist between two people throughout the years, even if they live apart. The series is influenced by the twins of the film The Shining (1980) and show an unbreakable link between twins, which borders both, comical and creepy. This series was created in collaboration with Jesus Ruiz Diaz


Chus and Kary standing on the corridor of Kary’s apartment in Barcelona 


Kary and Chus doing Tai Chi from a video tape in Kary’s living room 



Chus and Kary preparing to cook something


Chus and Kary sitting in front of the TV


Kary and Chus supporting their team, F.C.Barcelona


Kary resting in her bedroom


Chus laying down on the guests bed 



Chus and Kary taking a nap